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Quotes My name is Rosalinda and my life has been a struggle ever since I can remember. When i came here in prison in 2007, I heard about Lifestiles and what can they help you with. I got interested and joined the rpogram. Well, ever since the first day I started my class with Lifestiles I'm hooked! Lifestiles is been my strength, courage and stamina. It teach me everything from battling the drugs to the food I supposed to eat everyday. In present time i can say that I would be a wreck physically and mentally with out them. Please dont ever take Lifestiles away. Quotes
Rosalinda M.
Incarcerated Female Offender

Quotes Lifestiles/WorkNet has provided many benefits. A link to the community for information and resources. I am at greater ease knowing the vast network already established is available to me (and without limits on time). I trust that all members of the staff are people with personal integrity, commited to personal success of each and every client. I appreciate that staff help clients remain motivated and looking forward toward productive goals and personal achievement. I look forward to utilizing the agency more fully upon release. Thank you all for your help. Mahalo. Quotes
Ronlynn B.
Incarcerated Female Offender

Quotes Lifestiles means the backbone for my new life. This program gives me confidence that when I am released from prison, I can have benefits that Lifestiles will help me with whatever is necessary for me to live in the community. Its a bridge for me to me achieving my goals. Lifestiles also tought me cognitive skills in the way that I think. Turning my negative into positive. The teachers are very ell educated and very patient with me. Never have they ever got irritated with me. Lifestiles is like family to me that I dont have. I'm very grateful that I enrolled in Lifestil;es and don't regret it..... .....I know they are here and will be that bridge on the outside world cause I have nothing. I'm very glad I did pick Lifestiles. Quotes
Dacy C.
Incarcerated Female Offender

Quotes Lifestiles is a place for me to go to seek clarity--and on most occassions, find it. I have learned what drugs and alcohol do to my brain. I have peace in the Lifestiles class. I feel appreciated and have hope in knowing they will be supportive now and in the future. The information I have learned is helpful to overcome emotional problems as well as "living" problems inside as well as outside. I pray they can and will be instrumental in expediting the women to helpfu; and appropriate appointments in life. Quotes
Brenda P.
Incarcerated Female Offender