WorkNet, Inc.

Restoring Lives, Strengthening Communities

Client Services

Our clients emerge from uniquely challenging circumstances such as incarceration, substance abuse, homelessness, and other economic hardships. Our goal is to develop and enhance their life skills to effectively enable them to overcome such challenges and achieve sustainable self sufficiency.

Our Services Are:

  • Customized for Individual Needs
  • Assessment & Outcome Driven
  • Gender Specific

Our Services Include:
  • Assessment Through Our Proprietary LifeStiles™ Vocational and Risk Profile Assessment
  • Transition Management & Mentoring
  • Case Management & Referral Services
  • Intervention & Advocacy
  • Housing Referral Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Support Services
  • Job Development & Placement
  • Identity & Identification Restoration
  • Driver's License Clearance & Restoration
  • Inter-Agency Networking & Support Services
  • Diagnostic Assessment & Profiling (i.e. Criminogenic Risk, Substance Abuse Risk)

Our Education & Training sessions include:
  • Pre-employment Training
  • Vocational Development Training
  • Cognitive Skills Training
  • Life Skills Enhancement Training
  • Basic Computer Skills Training